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Branson Cerakote designed this gap camo vinyl stencil ample enough to cover an AR-15 style rifle. Included are two 9" X 12" stencil sheets of gap camo pieces. Each large piece has a bilateral cut line so that each large piece is actually two pieces that fit together like a puzzle. Because it is difficult to see those cut lines in the photos, we've included a picture in black and white to show what the pieces look like. This pattern is designed for a three color camo application. 

We have a YouTube video using this stencil pattern; if you click below the listing to see the video, you can watch it.

This item ships for free with a tracking number. We also include a cardboard insert for mailing protection.

The 411 On Our Stencils:
For those unfamiliar with high heat vinyl stencils, this stencil is cut out of Avery Dennison high heat paint mask stock. The vinyl material is flexible, self-adhesive, and designed for high heat application, although it does just as well for air dry applications. These stencils do well with Cerakote, Duracoat, and Krylon applications.

As factory trained and certified Cerakote applicators, we design and use these stencils in our shop when coating firearms, sunglasses, stainless steel tumblers, and more. We have had no issues with the vinyl tearing, failing to stick, or leaving a residue even when put through several heat cycles in our professional Cerakote oven at over 200+degrees (please note, the surface must cool prior to removing the stencil). We have also used this stencil material in our sandblast cabinet with no issues of the vinyl peeling up under pressure (we've used it up to 90 psi).

We began cutting our own stencils after buying several stencils that were not up to our standards (for example: not high heat material, poor design, or cuts that were not crisp). Even if we weren't cutting our own stencils, we would only recommend stencils cut with Avery Dennison stock. 

We are frequently asked if these stencils can be used more than once. We recommend that these stencils are for a one-time use.

These stencils will only work on a smooth surface in order for the stencil to adhere completely to the surface and avoid feathering under the stencil.  

Our stencils are intended for rifles, pistols, magazines, tumblers and sunglasses. However, we have many customers who use our stencils for multiple other purposes and surfaces.

Unless otherwise noted, we ship our stencils unweeded. 

If you have questions about using our stencils, feel free to check out our YouTube channel, Branson Cerakote, for how-to videos. We have videos covering guns, tumblers, sunglasses, and tips and tricks. Our goal is to have customers happy with our product. If you order this stencil and have any questions prior to use, please contact us. We appreciate customer input in order to ensure the utmost quality in our stencils.

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