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About Us

We Are Branson Cerakote

Owners, John and Laura Siegert

Located in the Missouri Ozarks, Branson Cerakote is a veteran-owned small business. We take pride in serving our customers with the best personal, quality service in the business. As the business owners, we are firearms enthusiasts who enjoy owning, as well as working with, firearms. We’ve been Branson Cerakote since 2014. Our purpose as we grow and diversify is to continue to satisfy our customers with the same excellent finished products that we have had since the beginning.

Both sides of our family have a history of military service. John served in the US Army as an Airborne Infantryman in the 1990s and our oldest daughter, Olivia, currently serves in the US Army. John is also retired from the Colorado Springs Police Department.

I (Laura) am a registered nurse and have over 20 years of previous experience as a graphic artist. That experience benefits our customers with custom, creative designs.

Our Talented Staff

Andrew joined Branson Cerakote in 2020. He has an amazing amount of creative talent and continues to amaze us and our customers with his projects. Andrew has a gentle spirit and is the best teacher we could have ever imagined for our training courses. He continually receives the highest compliments from those who attend our training courses. We are grateful to have Andrew working with us!

Kristy, Andrew’s wife, joined us in 2021. She and I (Laura) have been friends since 2011 when we worked together at a local bank. She is still called, “Kristy from the bank”!  Kristy is also a registered nurse who was forced from her position on the labor and delivery unit of the local hospital after she decided she did not want the Covid-19 vaccine. Kristy is now our General Manager, and we are so thankful to have her. Kristy gets “stuff” done and is a great motivator. She makes each of us a better person!

Our son, Whitmore, has worked at Branson Cerakote since he was 12. He started with stuffing envelopes and cutting out stencil sheets. A Junior in high school, Whit also attends O.T.C. college classes part-time and works in our business in the afternoons. Whitmore edits our videos and because of his skillful talent they are top quality.  Whit’s talents have been recognized by other local businesses, giving him the opportunity to be an entrepreneur in his own right!

Benefits of Branson Cerakote

Cerakote Projects

Cerakote is a thin-filmed ceramic coating that gives high-performance protection to the finish of a product. A Cerakote gun coating or trim coat not only protects a firearm (or an unrelated item) from the elements or chemicals, but also adds a pleasing appearance with the many Cerakote colors we offer. 

Detailed precision is required to Cerakote an item.  Our shop has top-of-the-line equipment for the correct preparation, application and curing process of cerakoting. We have been factory trained and certified by NIC, the parent company of Cerakote. Please check out our Cerakote Profile: Because excellent client service is a priority, we won’t let a project leave our shop until we and our clients are satisfied with the finished project.

For those who want to learn the Cerakote process, we provide on-site applicator training from entry level trainees to those who are wanting an advanced course for their business.

Laser Engraving

Branson Cerakote has both fiber and CO2 laser engraving machines in the shop. The fiber laser will engrave metals and polymer, while the CO2 laser will engrave almost everything else. We can laser projects both large and small, from a simple stippling job to large production engraving orders. Our training with laser engraving software and application was completed at San Antonio Laser Engraving in Texas. The digital files for our laser projects are carefully and professionally mastered, ensuring a superb laser engraving project.

Stencil Designs

Any project that requires stencils must have a sound digital file as the foundation. As a professional graphic artist, Laura makes sure that stencil design files are correctly scaled and rendered so that the pattern is crisp, clean, and correctly scaled to fit a purposed project.

Compared to our competitors, our stencil art has crisp, clean-cut lines.  We use Avery Dennison high-heat paint mask stock, which is the most suitable for Cerakote application. This material also works very well with other applications such as Duracoat, powder coat, and spray paint. Our top-of-the-line vinyl cutters and cutting needles make a big difference in a providing our customers with excellent stencil art. John and Andrew work with these stencils in the shop to make sure that they are user-friendly in real-world application.

Veteran Owned & Operated.

We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and we look forward to doing business with you!

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