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Cerakote Services

Cerakote Won't Peel, Flake, Crack or Chip

Cerakote is a ceramic-based finish that can be applied to firearms, knives, tools, and much, much more. It is the world leader in film ceramic coating technology and is available in a variety of colors and finishes. Cerakote’s durability can’t be beat. Cerakote has been tested again and again and has outperformed every other coating in durability, hardness, scratch resistance, flexibility, and chemical resistance.

If you’re looking for a way to protect your firearm and improve its appearance, Cerakote is the perfect solution for you. You can choose between a wide range of colors and patterns to give your firearm a unique look. We’ve been factory trained and certified by NIC, the parent company of Cerakote, and have been Cerakoting for over 9 years. Not only do we know what we are doing, we train other applicators from all over the U.S. to teach them how to apply it correctly.

We accept orders of all sizes and from all around the U.S. Simply fill out our estimate form today to get an idea of what your project would cost. Our turnaround time is approximately 6-10 weeks depending on how many orders are in the shop and the time of year. We have a downloadable PDF form below to fill out and send with your firearm.

Want something coated that is not a firearm? Cerakote is gaining momentum in the marketplace because of the name it has made for itself due to its toughness. We coat all kinds of projects beyond firearms. If you need production work, we have a large shop that is equipped to handle large production runs in a timely manner. Give us a shout today to discuss your project and what we can do for you.

Cerakote Pricing

Prices assume firearm and / or accessory is disassembled.

Complete Rifles

AR15, AK47, AR Pistol, Shotgun & Bolt Action Rifles.

Single Color: $350
Each Additional Color: $50
Stenciling: $50

AR15 Chassis

Chassis only.

Single Color: $250
Each Additional Color: $50
Stenciling: $50

Scopes / Optics

Optics only.

Single Color: $150
Each Additional Color: $50
Stenciling: $50

Complete Pistols

Full pistol.

Single Color: $250
Each Additional Color: $50
Stenciling: $50

Pistol Slide / Pistol Frame

Slide or frame only.

Single Color: $125
Each Additional Color: $50
Stenciling: $50

Cerakote Project Form

Please fill out the online form below to receive a Cerakote estimate.

PDF Order Form

Here is a PDF form you may download and either email or print and send with your project. Please email to: [email protected]

Cerakote FAQ

Cerakote is ceramic-based coating used primarily in the firearms industry. It is the industry leader in abrasion, corrosion, and solvent resistance. There are several different series of Cerakote, each of which have different applications. With hundreds of colors, Cerakote can be used for almost any imaginable project.

Pistols start at $250 for a single color and rifles start at $350 for a single color, with each additional color being $50 each. More complex patterns may incur a stenciling fee. Please note, we do not have a gunsmith on staff and all projects must arrive disassembled.

Simply box up your project, including either a written note describing what you’d like to have done or print off our fillable pdf and include it in your package. Please note, we are an FFL; however, there is no requirement for you to use an FFL to ship your item to us or to receive it once the project is completed. Our shipping address is: Branson Cerakote and Laser, 131 Industrial Park Drive, Suite 3, Hollister, MO 65672.

Our turnaround time is 8-10 weeks, unless otherwise indicated. If there is a change in this estimate, we will contact you. Project lead time does not start until your project and coating are in the shop and all design revisions are completed.

We guarantee the Cerakote process minus normal wear and tear. If the coating should fail, we will be happy to redo your project.

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