Cerakote Applicator Training

On Site Applicator Training Course

Branson Cerakote is proud to offer professional training for the DIYer or the new applicator looking to get into the Cerakote industry. We offer a three-day training session (Tuesday through Thursday) at our shop in Branson, Missouri.


John is a Cerakote factory trained and certified applicator with five years of experience. This training was born out of a request from several of our YouTube viewers looking for hands-on training to go along with our videos.


Our training sessions are designed to give you a better understanding of what a new Cerakote applicator needs. We are not looking to be a replacement for Cerakote’s on-site factory training. What we hope to offer is the assistance to avoid costly mistakes that are common for new applicators. We are not sponsored by Cerakote, nor do you receive certification from Cerakote for this training. In fact, we highly recommend that all professional Cerakote applicators attend Cerakote’s certified applicator course, as that “factory certified” label will bring you more business.


So what do you get when you attend our training sessions? Our objective is to give each participant a complete overview of equipment needed for an efficient shop, common bookkeeping, and loads of hands-on training in Cerakote application, basic and advanced stenciling, avoiding and fixing common mistakes, mixing custom colors, and much more.

Each training day runs from 8 am until 5 pm; however, we have found that those are loose times as more than likely it will go longer than 5 and we even will start earlier than 8 if needed. Each day is packed full of information. We have found that there is no set schedule for each day, as each applicator has different needs and different goals. Below is a basic overview of what we cover during the training and our focus for the training is to make sure you get what you need from the training. Each day also includes a one-hour lunch provided by us.


  • Basic shop set-up (required equipment and licensing requirements)
  • Basic paperwork (record keeping, A&D book)
  • Applicator website (tips and tricks to having a website that sells)
  • Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • Photography (your photos sell your services!)
  • Basic surface preparation (it all starts here…)
  • Cerakote mixing
  • Spray gun setup
  • Basic H series, C series, elite, clear coat, microslick, and Gun Candy application
  • Tack-free (a crucial technique that is easy to get wrong)
  • Basic and advanced stenciling
  • Two tone (and more) application
  • Tumblers (you’ll coat your own tumbler to take home)
  • How to Cerakote sunglasses
  • Mixing custom colors
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  • traningimg2.jpg
  • traningimg3.jpg

What do you need to bring?

  • We recommend you bring your HVLP, as each sprays a little differently. If you do not have an HVLP, we have plenty in our shop for use.
  • A respirator. We provide paper masks, however if you’d like a respirator, bring your own.
  • If you would like your sunglasses coated, you’ll need to bring a pair or we can order new Oakleys directly from the Oakley company for a discount (please note, it takes almost two weeks for Oakleys to arrive once they have been ordered).
  • Personal firearms (mail these in advance, disassembled, so they can be degreased prior to your training - or if you drive to Branson, you can drop them off once you arrive in town). Disassembly and degreasing takes about three hours, so getting it completed prior to the training session allows you more learning time.
  • We recommend no more than three projects for a single attendee or five for multiple attendees. What we’ve found is that bringing too many projects does not leave enough time to go over techniques and custom colors.

What does our training cost?

Our three-day training session costs $2000. For this cost, you can bring up to three total participants. We provide all training materials and equipment, including coating. You also receive a stencil packet with our most popular stencil patterns that has a retail value over $250, and up to three 20 oz. stainless steel tumblers for you to Cerakote during training.

What is not included?

Travel expenses to and from our shop. Lodging. Meals (other than lunches). Transportation to and from your hotel and the shop. Shipping expenses for firearms mailed to or from our shop for the training classes.

Things we need to know before you arrive: allergies, food preferences for lunches, any disabilities, phone numbers of participants, and t-shirt sizes.

If you ship firearms to be coated while you are here please have them disassembled (sandblasted with 100 grit red garnet or 120 grit AO will also speed up the first day of training). This allows us to have them degreased and gassed prior to your arrival. We are a busy shop and John will not have time to break your guns down prior to your arrival. Guns that arrive whole will have to be broken down by you prior to the start of training. We’ve found lots of time is lost just breaking down projects. Remember, it’s your time, so the more you can do to facilitate things, the better.

Please note that we are a pet-free and smoke-free shop (smokeless and vape included). Smoking has to be done outside of the shop. Please pick up after yourself.

**If you have a company logo, we may be able to create a stencil from it. It needs to be sent to us at least two weeks prior to your training.**

Please keep in mind, this is your training. If there are things not listed that you would like to be trained on, let us know in advance so we can prepare for them.

If you have any questions, please contact John at 719/896-0509.