Cerakote Applicator Training

Cerakote Applicator Training Course

Branson Cerakote is proud to offer professional training for the DIYer or the new applicator looking to get into the Cerakote industry. We started our training program in 2018 after several requests from our YouTube viewers and those wanting to be trained faster than NIC's waiting list (up to 18 months out). It’s gone through several changes over the years, all of which have made the program better.  

Our training sessions are designed to give you a better understanding of what a new Cerakote applicator needs. We are not looking to be a replacement for Cerakote’s on-site factory training. In fact, we do recommend attending NIC's factory certification course. What we hope to offer is the assistance to avoid costly mistakes that are common for new applicators. We are not sponsored by Cerakote, nor do you receive certification from Cerakote for this training.

Each training day runs from 8 am until 5 pm (some days may run longer). Each day is packed full of information. We have found that there is no set schedule for each day, as each applicator has different needs and different goals. Below is a basic overview of what we cover during the training and our focus for the training is to make sure you get what you need from the training.

• Shop setup
• Equipment and upgrades
• HVLP setup and care
• Spray techniques, both basic and advanced
• Custom and standard colors
• Basic and advanced stenciling
• Tacking
• Tips and tricks
• Advanced effects
• Cerakote series overview
• Small business tips
• Paperwork and licensing including FFL and SOT
• Troubleshooting
• Advertising and gun shows
• Workflow
• And much, much more.



What do you need to bring?

  • We recommend you bring your HVLP, as each sprays a little differently. We'll be happy to help you set it up during training. If you do not have an HVLP, we have plenty in our shop for use.
  • We recommend each person bring one rifle and one pistol. These will need to be completely disassembled, as we do not have a gunsmith on staff. If you have the ability to sandblast your projects prior to dropping them off or mailing them, it saves up to a full day of training time by having this done before we start. Please sandblast with either 100 grit red garnet or 100 grit aluminum oxide.
  • If you would like to coat a pair of Oakley Sunglasses, you’ll need to either bring a pair or we can order a new pair directly from Oakley (please note, it takes almost two weeks for Oakleys to arrive once they have been ordered).
  • We recommend that you ship your projects or drop them off so that we have them at least 24 hours before your training starts so that we have time to degrease them and gas them out.
  • If you’d like to bring a respirator, we recommend the 3M organic vapor respirator with the pink filters.

What does our training cost?

Our three-day training session costs $2500.This is a one-on-one training. 

So what do you get for your money, besides our awesome training? You'll get:

• Ten 4-oz bottles of Cerakote H-Series coating in the colors you select. You'll use these colors during training and take home any left over. You'll need to select your colors three weeks prior to your training date, otherwise we'll select the most popular colors for you ($350 value)
• We'll give you a stencil package of the most popular rifle and pistol-sized patterns ($300 value)
• Ten mylar patterns that we'll teach you how to use and add WOW to your projects ($150 value)
• A bound training manual we created so that you can reference it once you're home (
• A stainless steel tumbler you'll coat and take home to show off 
• A free lunch (and we make good food!)
• A six-month subscription to Applicator Hangout ($120 value)


What is not included?

Travel expenses to and from our shop. Lodging. Meals (other than lunches). Transportation to and from your hotel and the shop. Shipping expenses for firearms mailed to or from our shop for the training classes.

Our new shop is located at 131 Industrial Park Drive, Suite 3, Hollister, MO 65672, right next to Sherwin Williams. 

Please note that we are a pet-free and smoke-free shop (smokeless and vape included). Smoking has to be done outside of the shop. Please pick up after yourself.

As far as refunds, up to six weeks prior to your training dates, you have the choice to either reschedule or have a full refund. Two to six weeks from your training date, we are happy to either reschedule or give 1/2 of your fee back. If it is less than two weeks from your training date we'd be happy to reschedule your training class, but are unable to offer a refund.

To see our training schedule, click HERE

If you have any questions, please contact John at 719/896-0509.