Josh M. via Facebook: 
"I want to give a big shout out to John Siegert at Branson Cerakote. First off GREAT customer service and I think the “Flash” may have delivered my stencils because they honestly got here faster than it takes me to get out of the grocery store with my wife. The stencils he provides go beyond what I expected. They are very pliable, they are cut super crisp and clean, and they hold up from the blasting stage all the way through the baking process. Will definitely continue business with John at Branson Cerakote!!"


Mike S. via Facebook: 
"Absolutely the best quality stencils out there and customer service that can’t be beat. John is always available for advice on application and his YouTube series is a must for anyone learning to cerakote. Laura has designed multiple custom stencils for me and every time one comes in the mail the pattern exceeds my expectations and what I had for a vision on a project. Branson Cerakote is the only place I’ll order stencils from."


Paul G. via Facebook: 
"Just completed 3 day training with John at Branson Cerakote. John and Laura are down to earth hard work folks. The training is jammed packed with tips tricks and more. I was not talked down to and John is very patient. You know right away that BC wants you to succeed with your project this is not a money grab. Dream it up and BC will get u there. To my new friends in Branson Thank You."


Thomas B. via Facebook:
Branson Cerakote is always extremely helpful when I buy stencils. They are high quality stencils, with great pricing, as well as extremely fast shipping. Their customer service is always very fast to respond as well as helpful.


Caleb S. via Email:

"I think I've watched just about every video on YouTube that Branson Cerakote has made and I gotta say you guys are amazing! I'm trying to get into Cerakote as a hobby, but most videos have little to no information, tips, tricks, or personal reviews on products. You guys are a huge help in more ways than you know and when I get good enough for stencils, you will definitely be my number 1 go to. Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work!"


Bill H. via Email

"Best stencils I have found so far and fair priced, too!"